Financial Planning Services

Armchair Financial Canada offers customized financial planning services to a limited number of clients. We especially enjoy working with veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces, serving and retired, to assist them with their tax and financial needs.

Our partner, Cold Furnace Studios, assists veterans adjust to post-military life by providing them with retraining and employment opportunities.

WOUNDED WARRIORS CANADA is the official charity of Armchair Financial Canada. OPERATION SUPPLY DROP is the official charity Cold Furnace Studios.

Tax Services:

  • Individual (T1) tax return preparation.
  • Preparation and filing of concurrent series of multiple-year returns, for individuals who are late in filing or who have been sent a Request to File by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).
  • Adjustment request preparation and follow-up with CRA if you need to make changes or corrections to a return that you have already filed.
  • Preparation of Notices of Objection when a formal dispute needs to be filed with CRA to resolve an assessment or reassessment issue, with full representation dealing on your behalf with the Appeals Division.

Financial Planning Services:

If you are a Canadian Forces veteran in receipt of a Critical Injury Benefit, Disability Award, Detention Benefit or Death Benefit, you may be entitled to up to $500 from Veterans Affairs Canada to consult with a financial advisor to help you manage the money you receive. Further information can be found here.

We can help you with:

  • An analysis of your current and future sources of income including part or full-time employment, self-employment, investments, pensions, Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Old Age Security (OAS).
  • An overview of your current and future economic requirements and preparation of a budget.
  • A graphic and detailed retirement plan to help you estimate where you can expect to be financially from your current age to age 95 (or a different age of your choosing depending on family history, health factors, etc.)
  • General advice and referrals (if requested) with respect to insurance, wills and estate planning.

We are happy to offer Canadian Forces members and veterans a discounted all-inclusive price of $500 for the financial planning services listed above. Tax preparation and representation services, if required, can be provided at an additional charge.

If you are not a member or veteran of the Canadian Forces, we may be able to assist you as well. Please feel free to contact us and let us know what you require, and we can provide you with a no-obligation quote for services.

Your satisfaction with the quality of the service and information we provide to you is always our priority!